Die-Sinking CNC Electric Discharge Machines

Die-Sinking CNC Electric Discharge Machine ED30С

ED400C – XYZ travels = 300 × 250 × 300 mm.
Max workpiece weight = 550 kg.

Widened funtionality

  • 18 kinds of OB modes
  • A variety of measurement functions
  • ATC unit (OPTION)

High productivity

  • MOSFET-discharge circuit
  • Arc protection
  • Automatic pulse control
  • Special tungsten carbide machining circuit (OPTION)

High accuracy

  • Unique column construction
  • Patented Z-axis counterbalance
  • Strong rigid load-bearing structure

High-rigidity mechanical body created using FEM analysis design optimization


Roller type linear guideways provide rigidity 1.7 higher compared to ball-type guides.

Linear scales with high positioning accuracy 
provide full feedback to CNC.

High-resolution AC servo motor

HRC50 high-frequency hardened worktable

Standard Accessories

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Working Lamp
  • Leveling Pad
  • Flushing unit
  • Paper Filter
  • 1/2 Drill chuck
  • Tools Box
  • Clamp Jig


  • C-Axis
  • Auto Tool Changer
  • Linear Scale
  • Edge Finder Ball
  • Oil Chiller
  • Auto Voltage Regulator
  • Permanent Magnetic Pedestal
  • Tungsten Carbide Sparking Circuit


Superior Spark Discharge Functions

EXCETEK EDM is built with MOSFET sparking circuits that provides less electrode wear and fast spark-erosion machining speed as well as achieving smooth surface roughness with finishing conditions.

Stable Generator Performance

Front and back have separate double heat flow systems in which hot components and cold circuits with electronic components are separated. This provides adequate heat sinking and cooling to improve generator stable operation with nearly zero maintenance.

Simple Maintenance

EXCETEK generator uses front and back assembly module design where the function of circuit indicates clear at each circuit which have fuse protection. This helps more easier for maintenance to check and (if necessity comes) exchange a PCB. This facilitates the maintenance and provides user friendly service for the customers and service maintenance personnel.

EXCETEK and EXCETEK distributors provide after sales and service maintenance which include Operation, Training, Maintenance and Application. According to vanguard’s professional management technology, we provide service quality and customer satisfaction for after sales service support.

  • Exclusive Excetek computer CPU system. The company conducts its own research into the development of more advanced program management systems. Expanded functionality and improved control of all EDM processes, increased productivity and advanced automation features.
  • Possibility to adjust functions according to different requirements to shorten the processing time and increase its quality.
  • In addition, when using the processing (modes) embedded in the CPU database, the necessary parameters can be set from the databases of the users themselves.
  • Standard G-codes in ISO format. Ease of use, compatibility.



X Y Z axis travel300 × 250 × 300 mm
Work table650 × 350 mm
Max. work piece size800 × 500 × 300 mm
Max. work piece weight550 kg
Max. electrode weight120 kg
Machine weight1450 kg
Machine dimensions3050 × 1380 × 2090 kg
Electrode Head to Work Table Distance270~570 mm

Dielectric Oil-Filter Tank

Dielectric tank capacity350 liters
Paper filterBuilt-in

OB modes (orbital oscillations)