Die-Sinking Electric Discharge Machines

General Purpose Copying Sinker ZNC EDMs

Models ED30Z - ED40Z - ED50Z - ED70Z

Universal (Copying) Die-Sinking EDMs

The first electric discharge machines (EDMs), which later in some countries later mistakenly electroerosion or erosion, were sinking type EDMs and worked only with servo movements along the Z axis.

In fact, these were copying EDMs that machined with spark discharges along Z-axis to obtain on the part an inverse mirror-like shape of the electrode. Manual XY movements are used in such machines only to position the part relative to the electrode.

Modern EDM copiers are equipped with a very advanced CNC system that allows you to program many processing parameters or choose machining conditions from those already available in CNC.

ED-ZNC Series

ED-ZNC series – is one of the most advanced machines of its class on the market.
ED-ZNC allow you to solve many machining problems in tool, repair, auxiliary and other industries on a budget.

When it comes to single tasks or small batches, ED-ZNC is the most economical and efficient solution for you!

Die-Sinking Copying Type ZNC EDMs

ED30ZZ travel (program) = 200 mm, XY travel (manual) = 300×200 mm.
Workpiece up to
550 kg. 

ED40ZZ travel (program) = 180 ммXY travel (manual) = 400×300 mm.
Workpiece up to 700 kg.

ED50ZZ travel (program) = 200 мм. XY travel (manual) 500×400 mm.
Workpiece up to 1350 kg.

ED70Z: Z travel (program) = 250 мм, XY travel (manual) = 700×550 mm.
Workpiece up to 2000 kg.

The program control in ZNC die-sinking EDMs is only on the Z axis. The positioning on the “X” and “Y” axes is carried out by means of entirely manual drives, which are not connected to the CNC of the machine.

The drives for the X and Y axes are equipped with comfortable handles and verniers, and for the convenience of the operator, the numerical values of the coordinates along these axes are shown on the machine display.

Historical note:

One of the first known applications of the EDM, which was created by the Lazarenko spouses, was the burning out of broken taps from the bodies of Katyusha missiles in the early 1940s.
I heard this from Lazarenko’s students.
However, in modern productions such tasks are quite common.

Standard Accessories:

  • Fire extingusher
  • Leveling pad
  • Paper Filter
  • Tools Box
  • Working Lamp
  • Flushing unit
  • 1/2 Drill chuck
  • Clamp jiq



  • Permanent magnetic table
  • Oil cooling system
  • Tungsten carbide sparking circuit


ZNC - Z axis CNC


Superior Spark Discharge Functions

EXCETEK EDM is built with MOSFET sparking circuits that provides less electrode wear and fast spark-erosion machining speed as well as achieving smooth surface roughness with finishing conditions.

Stable Generator Performance

Front and back have separate double heat flow systems in which hot components and cold circuits with electronic components are separated. This provides adequate heat sinking and cooling to improve generator stable operation with nearly zero maintenance.

Simple Maintenance

EXCETEK generator uses front and back assembly module design where the function of circuit indicates clear at each circuit which have fuse protection. This helps more easier for maintenance to check and (if necessity comes) exchange a PCB. This facilitates the maintenance and provides user friendly service for the customers and service maintenance personnel.

EXCETEK and EXCETEK distributors provide after sales and service maintenance which include Operation, Training, Maintenance and Application. According to vanguard’s professional management technology, we provide service quality and customer satisfaction for after sales service support.






Z travel
200 mm 180 mm200 (Z) mm
300 (Z2) mm
250 (Z) mm
300 (Z2) mm
U axis travle
(electric drive)
200 mm200 mm300 mm300 mm
XY travel (manual)300 × 250 mm 400 × 300 mm500 × 400 mm700 × 550 mm
Work Table600 × 300 mm650 × 350 mm800 × 450 mm1100 × 600 mm
Max workpiece size800 × 480 × 290 mm920 × 500 × 300 mm1120 × 640 × 375 mm1680 × 950 × 500 mm
Max workpiece weight 550 kg700 kg1350 kg2000 kg
Max electrode weight120 kg120 kg220 kg250 kg
Machine-tool weight1150 kg1350 kg1950 kg3100 kg
Machine dimensions2525 × 1710 × 2092 mm3815 × 1406 × 2242 mm3980 × 1740 × 2300 mm4945 × 2230 × 2532 mm
Electrode Head to Work Table Distance160~510 mm160~590 mm240~740 mm330~880 mm

Dielectric Oil-Filter Tank

Dielectric tank capacity350 l350 l520 l1120 l
Dielectric tank weight– kg160 kg200 kg400 kg
Paper filter2 pcs2 pcs2 pcs4 pcs
Recommended dielectric fluid (oil)
EDMfluid® 108MP-S (Steelfluid
[any high-quality EDM oil with closed-cup flash point above 110°C can be used,
however Steelfluid is of the highest purity in Europe]

Technical Maintanence and Support:
Innovation-Technical Center 
of SodicoM-BG EOOD in Pomorie, Bulgaria