CNC Small Hole EDM "Superdrills"

Up-to-date Advanced CNC (Computer Numeric Control)

HD400C - HD600C - HD800C

EDM express-drilling of small (+deep) holes
in (hard) electroconductive materials

EXCETEK Small Hole Electric Discharge Machines:

  • Dielectric work fluid = deionized (distilled) water, without additives
  • Electrodes = tubular (hollow), brass or copper electrodes
  • Pressure flushing through a hollow electrode
Ерозийна пробивна EDM-машина Excetek HD400C
Excetek HD400C
EDM Superdrill Excetek HD600C
Excetek HD600C
EDM Superdrill Excetek HD800C
Excetek HD800C

High Productivity, Wide Choice of Models

HD400C – XYZ axis travel = 400 × 300 × 400 mm. Workpiece weight up to 500 kg

HD600C  XYZ axis travel = 600 × 400 × 400 mm. Workpiece weight up to 800 kg.

HD800C  XYZ axis travel = 800 × 600 × 600 mm. Workpiece weight up to 1500 kg.

Ерозийни машини с компютърно ЦПУ от най-висок клас

  • HD CNC Series: EXCETEK “SUPERDRILLS” are specialised electric discharge machines for spark discharge drilling of small (and deep) holes of Ø 0.3 mm ∼ 3.00 mm (and up to Ø 6.0 mm – OPTION).
  • EDMs that are based on new and faster and accurate technologies of EXCETEK contemporary up-to-date all axes advanced CNC.
  • Provide faster and accurate technological solutions for difficult to burn materials in small hole EDM drilling.
  • The New HD CNC Series machines have a rigid mechanical frame of Meehanite cast iron.
  • The HD Series with its advanced pulse control generator, provides high accuracy machining of various electroconductive materials including aerospace materials such as tungsten carbide, titanium alloys and nickel alloys.
  • HD CNC Superdrills have easy to understand and intuitive interface for control of all operations.
  • The HD CNC Series are the EDM machine-tools with high added value and performance.



Working bath (semi-submersible treatment)

По-високо качеството на електроискровото пълно разпробиване на отвори. 
Водата покрива дъното на заготовките.
Малкото количество вода помага да се запазят отворите с резба за крепежните елементи, така че те да не натрупват ерозионни продукти, които да се втвърдят в последствие.

High-rigidity mechanical body created using FEM analysis design optimization

Productive and convenient computer CNC system

  • The HD Series Hole Driller with EXCETEK Motion Controller has an optimised servo control to achieve high speed and precison.
  • Input Interface: LAN, USB
  • Easy setting and comprehensive EDM cutting technology database.
  • Iot and Automation Solution For Smart Factory
Excetek CNC HD canned cycle
Fixed orbital cycles
Excetek CNC HD canned cycle
Fixed orbital cycles

Easy Operation With Graphic Screen

CNC Display of Excetek HD Superdrills
Touch Screen and Friendly Operation Interface
Excetek CNC HD canned cycle
Фиксиран цикъл за сляп отвор
Orbital processing
Standard G / M codes
DXF files
Processing databases





XYZ axеs travel400 × 300 × 400 mm600 × 400 × 400 mm 800 × 600 × 600 mm
W axis travel400 mm600 mm (option: 400 mm)
Work table size (WxD)600 × 350 mm700 × 450 mm 900 × 600 mm 
Electrode diameterØ0,3 ~ Ø3,0 mm
Auto electrode changer (Option) 8 pcs16 pcs16 pcs
Max. electrode length400 mm400 mm600 mm (option: 400 mm)
Max. workpiece height400 mm400 mm600 mm (option: 400 mm)
Workpiece weightmax. 500 kg max. 800 kg max. 1500 kg
Machine dimensions

1900 × 1965 × 2600 mm

2000 × 1965 × 2600 mm 2505 × 2500 × 3000 mm
Machine weight1630 kg1930 kg 3200 kg
Input power4.0 KVA

Standard Accessories:

  • Electrode Chuck 0,2 mm~Ø 3,0 mm
  • Electrode Guidе Ø 1.0 mm
  • Electrode Brass Tube 1,0 mm × 10pcs
  • Work Lamp × 1
  • Tools Box × 1
  • Paper filter × 2
  • Parallel Pad x 1
  • High pressure pump 80 kg/cm2


  • A/B Rotary Tablet
  • Auto Electrode Changer System
  • Auto Electrode Chuck Ø3,1~Ø6,
  • XY Linear Scale With 1μm Resolution
  • Auto Giude Changer System
  • Water Cooler
  • Ion Exchange System
Excetek CNC HD ATC8
8 AEC - Linear electrode changer (Option)
5 AGC-Automatic Guide Changer (Option)
16 AEC - Rotary electrode changer (Option)
A/B Rotary Tablet (Option)

Excetek CNC super drills are easily implemented in automated and robotic lines