CAM software in Excetek EDWs for generation of NC codes for wire cut EDMing
Automatic computer-aided generation of wire-cutting NC programs

CAM = Computer-Aided Machining

Powerful CAM solution specifically designed to automate the generation of NC codes for CNC wire cut machine.

This platform is mostly preferred and widely used 2D CAD system. Macro Wire uses the latest programming techniques, which provides versatile and ease of use platform for wire cut engineers.

User customizable post processor gives the flexibility to support different type of machines such as Excetek, Mitsubishi, Makino, Sodick, YCM, Accutex, Joemars, Chmer, AGIE Charmilles (GF), Fanuc, Hitachi, Ona & etc.

Using built in NC config feature, postprocessors can be configured to output programs very close to or exactly the way engineers want.

With Macro Wire you can easily create NC programs directly at Excetek CNC
and/or using a PC

  • Cut Out Approach: Linear, circular & Oil hole.
  • Cutting Direction: Clockwise & Anti Clockwise.
  • Cutting Path: Auto & Manual Selection.
  • Co ordinates : Absolute & Incremental.
  • User defined Label Properties.
  • User defined Profile Properties.
  • Automatic selection for similar holes.
  • User defined number of cuts (unlimited).
  • Pre-Stop features.
  • Over-Cut Features.
  • Advance setting of cutting condition.
  • Advance setting of offset value and cutting clearance.
  • Database to store cutting condition for various machines.
  • Save & Restore features.
  • Coreless cutting feature.
  • AutoSave feature.