Innovation & Experience in EDMing

Advanced EDM technologies from a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of the world-class EDM machine-tools

EXCETEK is a leader in the design and manufacture of Electric Discharge Machines of Wire-Cut machining in Taiwan with many years of creative experience in modern technology and innovation.

Deliveries of high-precision and reliable EDM machine tools to dozens of countries, including the United States, Japan and Western Europe.

Wire-Cut Electric Discharge Machines

Excetek sample-Ra=0.18 micron
XY axis travel400 × 300 mm500 × 300 mm650 × 400 mm800 × 500 mm
UV axis travel80 × 80  mm120 × 120 мм 160 × 160 mm160 × 160 mm 
Z axis travel 220 mm 260 mm 350 mm350 mm 
Max table load 500 kg600 kg 800 kg  1100 kg
XY axis travel400 × 300 mm500 × 300 mm600 × 400 mm
UV axis travel80 × 80 mm120 × 120 mm160 × 160 mm
Z axis travel220 mm310 mm410 mm
Max table loadmax. 500 kgmax. 600 kg max. 800 kg
XY travel1000×600 mm1200×800 mm 1200×1000 mm 2000×450 mm
UV travel160×160 mm  260×260 mm260×260 mm  160×160 mm
Z travel350 or 500 mm500 mm1000 mm350 mm
Table loadmаx.3000 kgmаx.4000 kg max.5500 kg max.2500 kg
XY axis travel3200×2800 (1400+1400) mm
Z axis travel320 mm
Max table loadmax.1000 kg

Special Wire-Cut Electric Discharge Machines


Excetek R2000 & R1600. The World’s first Wire-Cut EDMs for cutting of ring-shaped parts.
EDM cutting of 
complicate contours along the whole circumference of a ring, e.i. for turbines.

Workpiece dimensionsmax ∅600∼2200 mm
thickness up to 150 mm
Workpiece weightmax. 300 kg
XY axis travel200 × 300 mm
UV axis travel80 × 80 mm
Z axis travel220 mm
Controlled axes5 axes, AC servo

Technical Maintanence and Support:
Innovation-Technical Center 
of SodicoM-BG EOOD in Pomorie, Bulgaria