Excetek Wire-Cut EDM construction

EXCETEK Wire-Cut EDM construction solutions and features

Rigid and durable

Reliability & Longivity

Rigid and durable construction

Monobloc Meehanite cast iron elements designed using Finite Element Methods (FEM) provide exceptional damping properties and exceptional machining rigidity. To ensure thermal stability, rib location has been designed using Finite Element Analysis, assuring optimised structural rigidity. 
All bearing construction parts made of Meehanite cast iron with low thermal expansion properties.

To ensure thermal balance, rib location is designed by Finite Element Analysis (FEA) assuring an optimized rigid structure.

• Stainless steel worktable hardened to 50 HRC. 
• High response AC servo motor for guaranteed accuracy. 
• Extra wide machine base for stability. 
• Rigid U and V truss design. 

A rugged Meehanite cast iron machine structures is the foundation of precision.

The lower arm of all Excetek Wire-Cut EDMs is water-cooled by the temperature controlled water from the water tank. This feature prevents thermal expansion of the arm caused by heat build-up in the process of EDM wire-cutting and improves the final accuracy of machined parts. 

Reliability and Longivity

Hand scraping of all contacting surfaces of cast iron bearing parts

At Excetek plant the process used after milling of all contacting surfaces of Meehanite cast iron bearing parts of all Excetek produced machine-tools is not GRINDING but SCRAPING!
The traditional technology of hand-scraping is imperative to create a long-life machine-tool with longevous precision.

Hand scraping is indispensable!

Grinding invariably leaves on surfaces:

  • waviness (with a wave height of up to almost 4 µm);
  • microcracks, burnings and internal stresses;
  • charging (impregnation) of the surface layer with microabrasives (which results in rapid corrosion!).

Scraping is for the longevity. It is for long term reliability of the structure and machine-tool accuracy. This is the basis of accuracy!

If you want to have a LONG-TERM machine with many years of accuracy, then SCRAPING is MANDATORY!

  • Only SCRAPING eliminates waveness that inevitably arises on surfaces as a collateral result of milling.milling.
  • Only SCRAPING eradicates microcracks, burnings, internal stresses and eliminates charging (impregnation) of surfaces with microabrasives.
  • Only SCRAPING can make it possible to build machine-tools with long-life accuracy,accuracy , lasting for decades.

Laser calibration – for the calibration and compensation of pitch errors or displacement errors of the machine structure.

Closed loop optical linear scales.

The cryogenically treated C1 grade ball screws

(In all ball-screw drive Excetek EDMs)

Micron level precis ion is achieved through the selection of class leading machine motion elements. The cryogenically treated C1 grade ball screws are driven by high resolution AC servomotors.

The linear guide ways are positioned widely apart to provide stable support of moving parts for maximum accuracy.

Precision cooler for temperature control of dielectric fluid (deionized water)

New precision water cooler that maintains the temperature of the machining liquid (water) with an accuracy of ± 0,2 ° C

Standard accessory for the Wire-Cut EDMs of G Plus series (example V500G Plus) and NP (example NP400L)

Improves accuracy in time of the entire long process of wire-cut EDMing. New precision cooler that regulates (controls temperature) of the water for cutting as well as cools the lower arm of the machine-tool.


Modular Designed System

Using optimum modular design on the electronic PCB circuits all the control functions are load shared. 

Eachmodule 1/0 has an LED indicator, which aids trouble-shooting and makes servicing and maintenance more efficient.

An Application-Specific Integrated Chip (ASIC) increases the stability of the circuit.

High Frequency Calculating and Pulse Control

Using the ’embedded system’ reduces the loading on the control circuit.

Sparking relevant information Real-time feedback information is used to control the sparking making the erosion process very stable.


Workpiece posioning

workpiece positioning screens